Policies & Guarantee



When you buy a piece of jewelry online, from my studio, at a show or from Etsy ...and..


It's just not working for you, the color is wrong, you decided earrings would be better than a pendant...


Please contact me within 30 days - I don't do refunds, but I am more than happy to exchange.   If you buy jewelry, you want to wear it and

love it...I know I do.



Oh, if only everything lasted forever...but sometimes...


I seldom have problems with the pieces I produce, as I make each one very carefully and with quality materials. But, things happen.

If it is a workmanship flaw, I will happily repair it free of charge.

If it's broken because you wear it every day,  took it to Spain in your backback, or slept on it...then I have to charge a small fee to repair and mail back to you.


...that sounds fair, yes?

Stretch Bracelets

last but never least...the stretch bracelets...


Always a favorite topic of discussion, because we love them, but REALLY? Can that stretch cord hold up?

I did so much research before I started using the stretch cord, because I wanted to make sure that it would hold up. I talked to artists that had been using it, the companies that sell it....one artist has been wearing her stretch cord bracelet for 9 years !


Here's what I say...I believe the most important detail is that the bracelet fit properly, or loosely,  so the cord is not taxed. If you have purchased a bracelet that is too tight, please send back to me to restring.

But, nothing is indestructible - whether it is steel cable, bead wire or stretch cord.... and bracelets take a beating.  On off, on off, out for dinner, on vacation..

If you experience any problems, do not hesitate to call and I will be happy to repair. 

I love the way they look and feel, and it's all I wear now. I want to make sure you can wear yours for years, and then maybe a bit longer.


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