sandalwood/rosewood bracelets and chokers ....$125.00 each

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Wendy is an acclaimed jewelry artist who currently makes her home amidst the rain forests and rugged coastlines of Vancouver Island. Her surroundings are reflected in her work, which incorporates both the serene and the dramatic. While living in Hawaii in 2001, Wendy discovered the technique of lampworking and she has been creating original glass jewelry ever since. She is a bohemian at heart and her jewelry draws influences from the various places she has lived, including not only Hawai’i and Vancouver Island, but also Indonesia and the Canadian prairies. Wendy has been creating jewelry for almost 30 years; her work is available through select galleries and retail shops in British Columbia and Alberta.


“For centuries, artists have been lampworking glass to create jewelry. Using this time-honored technique, I transform my own artistic vision into wearable art.”