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Zen - art for the garden

Zen - art for the garden


So many details to share with you about this piece .. perfect for your garden or wall .

~~'s been a long time since I have created a glass bead this least 10 years !!!

Approximately 2" around - 3/4" in the centre... in shades of transparent purple, orange and turquoise - with a little window of crushed glass and a millefiore accent .

A sitting Buddhist charm for health and positive energy... Amethyst gemstones also for positive energy.

4 more of my handmade Italian glass beads, amber gemstone - and finished with glass seed beads in soft earthtones.

To complete the piece - 3 sweet beach shells that Rob & I hand picked at Robert's Bay... just a few blocks from our house.

(I did impress myself by carefully drilling holes in them 😊).

16.5" long.. You could add a cord or chain if you wanted to make it longer.


Please note .. because of the natural shell accents, this piece can only be shipped within Canada.

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